Dota Pit League Season 4

The quarterfinals of the Dota Pit League Season 4 are almost underway, starting in just two days the teams are getting in some last minute practice before continuing the fight for the finals. We have some great matches ahead as the field narrows and only some of the most well known Dota 2 teams remain. Read the full article…


The Division is the best selling new game franchise!!

  Ubisoft announced today that The Division generated over $330 million globally in it’s first five days! This makes it the best selling new franchise game, beating out Destiny by $5 million. Along with this they released some other astonishing numbers. In the games first week over 100 million hours have been logged, and they Read the full article…


Team EG fall short at Shanghai Major, what’s next?

  The Shanghai Majors are now behind us and the Evil Genius came up short, walking away form the tournament with 3rd place and being knocked out by Team Liquid in the lower bracket finals. 1st $1,110,000  Team Secret 2nd $405,000   Team Liquid 3rd $315,000    Evil Geniuses EG try to put this loss behind them as they turn their Read the full article…


Dota 2 New Chat System | 6.85 Update

  Dota 2 has recently released their new gameplay update 6.85 and some interesting and new ideas have come along with it. Most importantly the newly added feature referred to as “Neighborhood Channels” which allows you to join chat channels within your area, and by default you’re placed in the chat channel of your city. Read the full article…


Let’s Play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Part 1

Seth and Stephen jump into this Metal Gear spin-off after Seth’s PS4 breaks and prevents him from playing MGSV. It’s so sad. Luckily Metal Gear Ray happened to pop up so he can take his anger out on it. This is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Check out our channel here. Check out Stephen’s channel here.

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