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Rise of Incarnates Review

Today we had the chance to play Rise of Incarnates for the first time, this game will be released on July 1st of 2015. To start it off the game was alright, you have to go through a tutorial section before you can actually get to the main menu for the game. At this point they teach some of the basic combos and really how to navigate through the game. We tried it both with the keyboard and mouse and with the afterglow Xbox version controller for the PC.

One part that was hard for us to get used to was that your mouse didn’t really control where your character was looking. It was more so to change the angle in which the camera was positioned, it’s a little weird to get used to. The game seems more like a “button masher” type game, or a hack & slash play style rather than one that really takes any skill. It would be a fun game to play if you have some down time or are bored of the games you are currently playing, I don’t foresee this though as one of your “go-to games” more so something to play when you are tired of everything else and need a break. All in all we would rate the game a 60 out of 100 and will still try the game out once it is officially released.

The fighting is sub par at best, you can’t really control who you target or where you are walking in the game. It’s more so you have to always stay targeted on an enemy character and can never really break free from doing so. We never played against another person, all of our game play was against CPUs, perhaps if you could play vs another person the feel would be slightly different.

Let us know your thoughts on the game, is this something you guys plan on picking up?

Rise of Incarnates
Rise of Incarnates