The Mors Demo | WTGG Preview


Today we looked at The Mors Demo, which is available for a free download on steam.

You limp down a dark tunnel, blood dripping from your hands as you struggle to hold your light. You try to look at your map, try to remember where you are and where you need to go. You hear a sharp cracking sound behind you, the map falls to the floor as you realize the truth, it has won. You feel something behind you, a cold wind blows past…darkness…
This demo is meant to test your courage and push you to your limits as you navigate your way out of platform 10 of the Mors mine. The demo can be played multiple times as every time you play, the game changes.

The above quote from the about section in steam describes the game perfectly. Playing this game in the dark, with the volume turned up, is a combination that will defiantly leave you spooked. Not sure of where to go, you sprint through this dark tunnel, maybe lighting some candles on the way. Looking for Platform 5 in the dark, while trying to hide from whatever it is that kills you in the game.

Strange noises come from all around, and the music really gets intense when the monster is near. We were able to make it all the way to Platform 5, but the gate was locked, and we kept dying before we could find the key. The game is hard for sure. We tried creeping slowly lighting candles, and going full sprint straight to what we thought was Platform 5, either way we always ended up dying.

It was a good experience for sure, one that you will have to keep trying over and over till you finally figure out how to make it to the end. Not a game you can just play through and not die in the first 10 minutes, so don’t be upset if you keep dying.

Thanks again for reading and let us know what you guys thought of the game!