Runescape, yes Runescape adds raids and a new planet!!

I’m sure many of you have played Runescape, perhaps even still play Runescape, if so your in luck!! July comes with a brand new update for the game which is one of the biggest changes for the game in awhile.

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The elderly MMO has been going on since 2001 and it has finally reached a point in it’s life where they are adding raids, this will be coming sometime in July, along with a new planet for players, Mazcab. Mazcab is a wonderful place to explore with strange race of “frog-like creatures” called goebies.

The raids will allow up to 10 players to take on high-level boss fights, each boss taking on a different type of game-play and involving plenty of teamwork in order to defeat each one. Jagex, the developers of Runescape, stated the July update will come with two of these bosses, and much more will be added in the near future!!

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